Greenmakers by Nelson&Vecchio

Greenmakers by Nelson&Vecchio was created with the intention of being the most trusted international golf course and landscaping contracting and development company. From our roots across Europe we aim to not be restricted to any single location and to truly be local in all markets where we operate. To this end, we carefully select our partners and suppliers based on their presence in our customers’ markets and the capabilities of their local service organisations. We also work as an international, multi-lingual team of qualified construction personnel to successfully lead our projects from start to finish.


We believe it is our duty is to learn about and understand the local environment. Through identifying availability of local resources and then integrating these resources into a fluid, agile work program, which meets the project objectives. In all cases, we are prepared and ready to provide any size of project with internal GREENMAKERS’ resources.


The Company is headquartered in Ayrshire, Scotland with a further office in Sicily, Italy. The positioning of our offices gives us the ability to serve our clients’ needs throughout Europe and Northern Africa. Our promise to our clients is 24hr technical support.





David Nelson

David Nelson, Managing Director


David has worked in the development of Golf Courses and Sports fields for over 18 years bringing the specific know how and knowledge in bringing projects from conception to completion.


David served his apprenticeship at Brunston Castle in Ayrshire Scotland. David worked through the Industry with many of the finest UK construction companies before landing the role of Design Superintendent for Robert Trent Jones II LLC where he oversaw the development and construction of courses across Europe.

David took up the position of Managing Director at Greenmakers by Nelson&Vecchio in 2011.








Gaetano Vecchio

Gaetano Vecchio, Director


Gaetano is the General Manager of Cosedil S.p. A. a construction company, in Santa Venerina, Catania and of other societies, joining Cosedil Group. Prior to joining Cosedil he worked for Impregilo S.p.A., an Italian-based construction and civil engineering business company headquartered in Milan.


Esteemed businessman, both in Italy than abroad, he has given strong impulse to the construction domain in Sicily.

He graduated in Economics in 1999, in Catania, after attending Birmingham University for a period.


A golf player as well as marathoner, he believes that sport is useful to impose order on chaos and to feed the brain.







Kai Hulkkonen

Kai Hulkkonen


Kai joined the Greenmakers team as a business development manager in 2011, before taking up the role of Director and is responsible for our Northern and Eastern European clients.


A golf architecture enthusiast for all his adult life, Kai entered golf business in 2005 by founding Sand Valley Golf & Country Club in Poland. Having run the project for seven years through land acquisition, design, permitting and construction until the second year of operations, Kai brings with him the experience of having faced nearly all imaginable challenges any new golf resort project may be faced with. Prior to his career in golf, Kai attended London Guildhall University, before taking up a career in project management and business development with Danfoss A/S.










We rely on our ability to resolve any issue which may arise during a construction project. Whether the problem is structural, electrical, hydraulic, due to soil compaction or stabilization, our engineers will provide the best solution to fit the needs of our clients. Supported by a very competent on-site team who specialise in all aspects of a construction project, the presence of qualified construction managers and superintendents ensures access to the knowledge, experience and skills of our entire team.


In addition, our pool of equipment and machinery, ensures we can employ the correct machine for specific types of work, resulting in speed and accuracy in every phase of construction and development.